Will Your Soul Be Left Behind?

This is a little book about your soul. We all have one , right? But many have not planned their souls final destination. I have searched, most of my life, for God’s answers; longing for His wisdom, truth, and understanding. I have, in my belief, concluded that all souls are headed somewhere, to spend eternity.

Maybe you think when your body dies, that’s it. The end. But wouldn’t you at least want to consider it might be a new beginning for your soul?

I grew up with experiences that there are, indeed, ghosts. Therefore I am sure all souls do not cross over. It concerns me deeply, that many souls are left behind, in a spirit world on Earth. Will they struggle in the unknown? Are they happy? Are they still searching for peace? Is there a realm on Earth where souls are trapped? Who really knows? How does a person secure a place in Heaven for their soul? What if they don’t ?

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